An Overview of DePuy Knee Replacements- Know When to File a Lawsuit

Accidents happen in different ways and all the time. You or a loved one might be a victim, but they are never anticipated. Most common cases include a person abandoning their duty of care and acting recklessly, causing an accident or a fatality.

These actions make the person liable for injuries caused to other parties involved. Personal injuries associated with incidents like remarkable technologies such as DePuy knee replacements have been reported. In this post, we’ll look at knee replacement procedures and how to seek compensation efficiently if you experience any complications.

Let’s dive in.

What’s the Hype Surrounding DePuy Knee Replacements?

Knee replacement is a top-notch surgery that has transformed many people’s lives. When properly undertaken, knee replacement surgery can cause substantial improvement to your mobility. DePuy knee replacements promise effective, quicker, and more natural movement.

Over the years, the company has engineered the procedure to be the most advanced and guarantee the best solutions. Patients receive total knee replacement implants or can get revision knee replacement surgery for improved mobility and stability. The DePuy knee implants are made of:

  • Metal and plastic parts
  • Cobalt-chromium-Molybdenum alloy
  • DePuy’s polyethylene formula

The DePuy knee replacement surgery will take about two hours. The surgeon you choose will help remove and replace the damaged bone and add knee prosthesis. After the surgery, you should schedule follow-up visits where the doctor examines your replaced knee and ascertain how it’s healing and working.

DePuy Knee Replacement Problems and Involved Lawsuits

There are complications associated with knee replacement surgery or faulty implants. Severe complications may require revision surgery that can be costly or affect you emotionally or financially. DePuy has been sued for defective knee replacements and associated complications.

FDA has received many adverse complaints over complications caused by the DePuy knee replacement devices. Many clients have cited issues like:

  • Severe pain
  • Early knee replacement device failure
  • Join instability
  • Bone loss and fracture
  • Nerve and tissue damage
  • Joint revision surgery

Numerous lawsuits for injuries caused by the DePuy knee replacement have been filed. Many people who have failed lawsuits base their claims on several things:

  • The company marketed products as effective despite their increased risks
  • The firm was unable to warn the public about the dangers of associated complications
  • They designed and produced defective knee replacement devices
  • They failed to issue recalls appropriately
  • Many patients experienced tibial loosening with an implant
  • Patients needed immediate revision surgery

Working with a personal injury lawyer is an incredible way to be eligible for compensation. Your lawyer will also ask you to combine your lawsuit in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) to speed up the legal process. A defective knee device will require proper and long-term medical care and therapy.

It’s a costly affair because you also need to take anti-inflammatory drugs or other medications to deal with ongoing complications. A comprehensive product liability lawsuit for damage can help you seek the deserved compensation to cater to the vast expenses incurred. Therefore, seek help from law experts immediately and learn how to handle your lawsuit.

Summing Up 

Ensure the lawyers you hire are reputable and eager to help seek compensation from DePuy for negligence and damage caused by the use of their faulty products. You’re eligible for financial compensation for your suffering, pain, and lost wages. Reputable lawyers will let you speak about your condition and explain your legal rights and options at your disposal.

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