Can A Insurance Company Hire Private Investigator To Spy On You

The insurance company can deny or devalue your claim in countless ways. They can even offer you an amount that never reflects the damage cost you have incurred.

In most cases, the insurance company may hire a private investigator to spy on you. If you also suspect that your insurance company has engaged someone to spy on you, then read the article below to know what a private investigator can do and cannot and how you can protect your claim from a private investigator by hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.

What A Private Investigator Can Do When Surveilling On You

Private investigators can never exceed their limit when surveilling you. These limits are meant to provide you privacy, so if they cross their boundary, they will be charged. In that case, the insurance company will not also be able to use the information that it gathered.

The investigators can take pictures of you when you see them going to any grocery store, work or anything else. They can also take photographs of you when exercising. You must ensure private investigators get access to your social media accounts. But they can see pictures you have posted publicly or any of your friends shared.

What A Private Investigator Is Not Allowed To Do When Spy On You

The investigator can never break the law to spy on you. Such as, they are not allowed to enter your private property, so they need to park their car down the street.

Private investigators can never take pictures when you want privacy. They can take photos of you through the window curtain. Until you give permission, the private investigator cannot enter your home even if they can’t pretend to be someone to enter your home.

The private investigator can’t even wiretap your phone without your consent because it is illegal to record your conversations with someone without your permission. This is also unethical to keep any tracking device in your car, so they can’t follow you in public. Even private investigators have no right to threaten you physically or verbally.


How I Can Protect My Claim From Private Investigator

The car insurance company may suggest that you do not fear a private investigator. As you make a valid claim, you don’t have anything to hide. It may seem cynical, but the fact is, in some sense, if you take treatment for your injury per the doctor’s order and seek help from a Personal Injury Lawyer, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, you can follow the below tips to protect your claim from private investigators.

Follow Doctor Instructions

Try not to miss any appointments with a doctor. If you miss it, then reschedule it as soon as possible. Follow the doctor’s instructions properly. If the doctor tells you to limit your physical activities such as swimming, running, exercise, etc., then you should follow it.

As a spy is always following you, so limit doing heavy activities in public. The investigator can take these photographs and use them against you.

Limit Using Social Media

Until you fix your claim from the insurance company, you should limit using social media. No matter how expert you are in using social media, even one mistake can hurt your case. You may post pictures of making fun with friends, but the insurance company can use Them against you in court. Privacy settings on social media may not be as strong as you think. So your posts can be seen by anyone; even the investigators can make fake profiles and send you friend requests. This is always better to hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney to handle the case.


Is It Legal To Hire Someone To Follow Me

The insurance company can use a variety of tools to combat liability claims. Hiring a private investigator may seem unethical, but this is not illegal. Generally, insurance companies hire these investigators to follow you to home, work and other places. They can take photos and videos of you as proof.

Get Legal Help As Soon As Possible

It is always better to talk with an experienced lawyer after a crash. Rather than hiring a lawyer, you can obtain more than some compensation. Because the legal process of claiming an insurance company is a bit challenging, and you may not know every complicated legal term that an experienced lawyer can.

Please consult a Car Accident Attorney in your area and talk with them freely. They may schedule your appointment for free. So, have your first discussion with them and be worry free until your lawyer provides you with the required recovery compensation from the company.

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