The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers Local to Hays Texas:

With Hays Texas being a small city with limited options for a criminal defense lawyer, those recently charged with a crime may face difficulty when searching for highly rated hays texas criminal defense lawyer. Luckily, Hays’ position on the outskirts of Austin leaves residents with several options that are within a short driving distance. Here’s a list of some of the best criminal defense attorneys that are local to Hays Texas.

Stephen R. Ramírez of The Law Offices of Garcia and Ramírez, PC:

Located just 10 minutes away from the city of Hays Texas is acclaimed criminal defense lawyer Stephen R. Ramírez. An expert immigration lawyer, Ramírez handles a variety of immigration cases, and is skilled in defending a wide range of criminal cases, with a specialization in representing those who are facing criminal charges while attempting to immigrate into the United States. With even the smallest criminal infraction potentially risking an immigrant’s chances of gaining legal status in the United States, a defense lawyer with expertise in both criminal and immigration law is beneficial. Ramírez is a highly experienced litigator who has successfully brought several cases before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and has practiced throughout various federal courts in South Texas including San Antonio, Houston, and Corpus Christi among others. Ramírez is adept at swiftly releasing detained clients from custody, and is tenacious in representing anyone with criminal charges who may lose their ability to immigrate or is facing deportation. For a free consultation with Ramírez, call the Austin office at (512) 270- 2860.

Charlie Baird of Baird Law Firm:

With over 35 years of legal experience, Charlie Baird is a renowned criminal defense lawyer within a 15 minute drive of Hays Texas. With an extensive background in all areas of the criminal justice system, Baird taught criminal law and procedure at Loyola University New Orleans School of Law and South Texas College of Law and served as a Judge on the Texas State Court of Criminal Appeals and the 299th District Court of Travis County before retiring to become a criminal defense lawyer. During his tenure as a judge, Baird was known for emphasizing restorative justice due to firsthand knowledge of how often individuals were charged with crimes because of police officers’ malpractice or politically motivated individuals. For his long career in court, Baird was honored with several accolades including an award for Outstanding Judicial Service from the Austin NAACP. As a criminal defense lawyer, Baird has handled all sorts of cases and takes a passionate and individualized approach when defending all his clients. Baird represents clients with incredibly serious criminal cases including burglary, murder, and assault and oftentimes aids his clients in receiving a dismissal or acquittal. For a free consultation with Baird, call (512) 804-5911

Kris Davis-Jones of Davis-Jones Law:

Kris Davis-Jones is an Austin based defense attorney located less than 20 minutes outside of Hays Texas. Since 2002 when Davis-Jones Law opened, Davis-Jones has been working tirelessly to provide aggressive criminal defense and uses her background in journalism and broadcast reporting to provide concise and articulate counsel and representation. Davis-Jones also leverages her journalism skills during her routine investigations, where she conducts interviews with eyewitnesses and ensures that police malpractice can be ruled out of her client’s cases. Davis-Jones handles a variety of complex criminal cases, including drug cases, DUI/DWIs, campus crimes, and sexual assaults. Davis-Jones knows the importance of trust in an attorney-client relationship and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients, promptly returning all phone calls and devoting time whenever needed to prepare clients for any upcoming hearings or have a general check in or informational meeting. Given her expertise in the field of law, Davis-Jones is a frequent guest speaker at the University of Texas Law School. For a free consultation with Davis-Jones, call (737) 299- 8718.

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With these three highly skilled and well rated defense lawyers located within a short drive of Hays Texas, residents have a definitive pick of some quality options for representation that can provide a free initial consultation. Call one of these Hays Texas defense lawyers today to get a jumpstart on a strategy for your case.

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