Three Things You Should Not Do When Fighting for Child Custody

Custody battles can get ugly if both parents are not willing to compromise. Unfortunately, these battles don’t often serve parents or their children well in local family courts. In the current family court system, judges don’t concentrate only on whether a parent can effectively prove the other parent is unfit. Rather, judges also evaluate factors like whether a parent can be a positive role model for their children and promote their relationship with their other parent if custody is awarded to them. Because of this, it is important to avoid negative behaviors when fighting for child custody. An experienced attorney at knows how to make this process go smoothly based on the client’s circumstances. If you are a parent and involved in a custody battle, here are things your attorney will advise you against:

Putting Down Your Ex

Your children thrive best in a household with both of their parents whenever possible. If you make it a habit to put down their other parent, your children may feel torn and forced to pick one parent over the other. For your kids, this can be quite frustrating and confusing. And judges know the damage this behavior can cause and don’t tolerate it. 

Confronting Your Ex or Children Physically

Keep in mind that it’s a crime to make physical contact with another person in a harmful or offensive way. You won’t be able to care for your kids if you are behind bars. Regardless of how upset you become during the proceedings, you should avoid making physical contact with your ex or children if you are angry. Judges take these actions seriously as physical violence between parents is quite confusing and upsetting for children.

Moving In with a New Partner

Divorce is never an easy time for children. They will have difficulty grasping the idea that their parents no longer love each other. And things can even be harder to understand and accept that the love transferred to a person who is not their parent. Family courts don’t want to expose children to these truths during a divorce proceeding. 

In addition, children may not be comfortable around the new person and may refuse to stay overnight or even visit the house if that person is there. This will prevent the parent from having a healthy relationship with their children. Although you may want to date again after your divorce or child custody proceeding, it is best to wait for it to be finalized or a while after to expose your child to a new partner. 

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