Car accident suits make up the majority of personal injury claims. This is because it is very common and occurs to varying levels of severity compared to other types. There are also several mistakes that victims make from the inception of the incident that often diminishes their chances of winning their cases. This could also be the reason why it is so easily mishandled and victims do not get as good a settlement for their losses if they get any at all. There, however, are a few tips that could help claimants get the best settlements possible from their lawsuits.

Document the Accident Scene Immediately.

One of the major determinants of winning a car accident case is the ability of the victim to prove the fault of the accused. This is dependent on the credibility and integrity of the evidence documented and collected from the scene of the accident. Documentation ensures that everything is captured as it happened ad no tampering has occurred. Pictures, video footage, surveillance footage, and witness statements are important elements to be collected. This ensures the integrity of the victim’s claims, helps prove fault, defines the severity of the damages, and goes on to boost the chances of good compensation.

Seek Immediate Medical Treatment.

In the event that the accident has caused bodily harm, seek immediate medical treatment. Asides from ensuring that they are treated for their injuries, it also helps them document the extent of their injuries by a recognized medical facility. This produces the much-needed medical report that will be presented in the suit. The medical report proves the bodily injury claims of the victim and also puts pressure on the perpetrator to settle handsomely.

Properly Assess the Extent of Damages.

To be properly compensated, it is important for a claimant to fully assess the extent of the damages they have sustained. Some injuries are not immediately apparent. It might take a little while to see how deep and wide the incident has affected the individual. Car accident lawyers often advise their clients to take necessary assessments of their person and property. This helps them to know the kinds of injuries, physical, mental, or otherwise, they have sustained and how to make demands at the negotiation table thus boosting settlement.

File Suits Quickly.

It is detrimental to a case to delay reporting and filing a personal injury case. It is best to file as quickly as possible because every detail of the accident is still fresh in memory and intensity. Delaying causes the incident to lose steam. This way evidence is better, preserved; testimonies are clearer and injuries are more apparent. Also, the statute of limitation starts counting from the day of the incident. After it has expired, the victim can no longer seek redress. The quicker one files, the better the chances of getting a good settlement.

Avoid Being Too Eager to Settle.

In situations where the fault is apparent, the offending party will often seek to settle out of court and quickly. This can be tricky for the victim. The initial settlement offer is almost always much less than the least that is expected. The victim will sell themselves short by accepting it so quickly. The lawyer should be allowed ample time to negotiate exhaustively. This is the best way to receive the right compensation.

Avoid Social Media.

It is never wise to be on social media talking about an ongoing suit. This could compromise the integrity of the case and cost the victim a good settlement.


These tips are important to any personal injury litigation. Adhering to them can be the difference between a big win and a major loss when seeking a good settlement.

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