What Are The Main Areas Of Activity Of The Business Law?

Business Law at sequoia legal has applications in several areas, all related to a specific aspect of business activity. One of the most well-known areas of activity is that of Corporate Law, which, as we have seen, deals with the study of the formation of companies and their extinction and the relationships between the partners and between the companies themselves.

Thus, those who work in this area usually advise on the advantages and disadvantages of corporate types, prepare the articles of incorporation of companies, such as articles of association and statutes, offer legal assistance in the spin-off, merger, and incorporation operations in the company and establish agreements between partners. All issues that permeate the constitution and end of a company are objects of Corporate Law.

Another sub-branch of Business Law showing significant growth is Intellectual Property. As the name implies, this specialty is dedicated to the study and creation of mechanisms that protect the rights of those who have produced something intellectually – such as new technologies or even artistic productions, such as music or a literary work.

What To Deal With As A Business Attorney?

Those working in this field must deal with the bureaucracy for granting trademarks and patents, assignment or license agreements, which allow someone else to explore intellectual production for profit.

In times of crisis, Bankruptcy Law has also gained a lot of space, which is the area of ​​activity of Business Law that takes care of the company that faces an economic-financial severe crisis or even seeks a way to avoid the decree of its bankruptcy through the judicial recovery or extrajudicial recovery.

In this case, there are two options for the company: try to make a recovery plan with the approval of the creditors to save the business, or, if that is not possible, close the business activities once and for all and liquidate the assets to pay off the debts, i.e., file for bankruptcy. Therefore, those who work in this area deal with the company’s recovery mechanisms or with its liquidation when it is not possible to overcome the state of insolvency.

Other Areas Of Activity

Of course, in addition to these, there are still many other areas of activity in Business Law at sequoia legal: The Exchange Law, for example, which deals with foreign exchange operations, such as the transfer of securities; the Banking Law, which deals with financial institutions and their activities; and Shareholder Law, which deals with organizations operating in the capital market and the issuance of securities, such as shares, debentures, subscription bonuses, and commercial papers. These are just the most prominent areas.

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