What Commonly Causes Truck Accidents?

Many people and businesses use trucking services to deliver their end-products and also receive raw materials. As a truck driver, you probably spend many hours on the road, ensuring that everyone receives what they need at the right time. Auto accidents are common and are always at the back of every road user’s mind, driver and passengers alike. All automotive accidents are dangerous and usually end in casualties and, unfortunately, fatalities. Truck accidents are hazardous because of the load and mechanics of the vehicle, and the kind of injuries sustained are severe. Instances of death in trucking accidents are also higher. 

Unfortunately, if you become the victim of a trucking accident, the compensation process is hectic, even as a trucker yourself. To be compensated, you will need to go through such a rigorous process and go against the driver, insurance company, and trucking company before you get any settlement. Fortunately, it is possible to win your lawsuit when you with the help of a law firm who handles truck accident cases. Here are some top causes of trucking accidents that you need to know.

1.Dangerous unroadworthy trucks

A common reason behind trucking accidents is trucks that are already out-of-service and no longer safe for the road. It is estimated that one of four trucks in the US is not safe to be on the roads hence has gone against several service violations. These vehicles should be taken off the streets and towed off to mechanics, which doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Apart from this, most truckers are not adequately trained to identify and rectify these violations. All these factors contribute to truck crashes. Examples of these violations include bald tires, loads that dangerously exceed the limits, chameleon carriers, and defective brakes. 

2.Chameleon carriers 

It is a known fact that a substantial number of trucking companies are willing to take shortcuts to save money. A common practice to this effect is hiring unfit truck drivers. If you are a good driver with a lot of experience, you will typically ask for higher pay which the companies aren’t willing to do, and risk lowering profits. Most times, cutting corners result in deadly and sometimes fatal accidents. 

When these trucking firms have accumulated excessive safety violations, they tend to reopen under the guise of a different company. Such companies are known as “chameleon carriers.” They are, in reality, a major contributor to road accidents.

3.Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue among truck drivers is undoubtedly the leading cause of truck accidents. When a tired driver causes an accident, they take up the responsibility of negligence on behalf of the firms that employ them. Often, drivers are forced to work long hours because their companies decide to disregard the hours set by federal laws. They are also expected to screen the drivers for conditions that may affect their driving abilities. These trucking companies often flout federal laws designed to prevent truck accidents caused by tired truckers. 

However, to ensure that loads get to their destinations much faster, trucking firms will push their drivers to do more hours. Objections are often met by threats and sometimes financial incentives. So, drivers end up driving for long hours, resulting in drowsiness and exhaustion, among other things. All of these cumulatively affect their driving capabilities.

These are just some of the many causatives of trucking accidents. As a driver, always ensure that you work with a reputable company and raise concerns whenever you note any issues. If you are wrongfully injured in a trucking accident, contact the right personal injury attorney to get help.

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