All about good Samaritan law in Nevada

Sample this situation – You were walking on the road. Suddenly, a car hits an innocent pedestrian on the road. Like any normal human being should, you helped the person, but weeks later, you get notified that you are being sued for exacerbating their injuries. This could be traumatic for anyone, who was trying to help others. In Nevada, however, there is the good Samaritan law, which offers liability protection for bystanders and witnesses, who make an honest effort to help following an emergency situation. Here are some things to know about Nevada’s good Samaritan law. 

The basics

The good Samaritan law in Nevada is meant to help people, who take the step to help others in an emergency, without worrying about a future lawsuit. In short, if you tried to offer your assistance to someone in a difficult and trying situation, you cannot be held liable for an honest mistake. You cannot be sued to understand the first circumstances. First, there was an actual emergency. Second, you were trying to help. Third, you were not paid for your help. Four, you didn’t act in a manner that can be called negligent. 

Various limitations worth knowing

There are a few limitations under the good Samaritan law. The first is gross negligence. For instance, if the bystander acted in a negligent manner or did further intentional harm to the victim, they wouldn’t be protected under this law. If you were directly involved in the accident, you cannot be protected under good Samaritan law. For instance, if you were the driver who knocked off the victim and then tried to help, you cannot expect to be spared. The good Samaritan law doesn’t also extend to those who have the duty to help, like paramedics or police at the site of the accident. 

Talk to an attorney

If you tried to help someone and have been charged with a lawsuit for no apparent reason, consider talking to an attorney. An experienced attorney is your best bet at ensuring that you get justice under the good Samaritan law. They will ensure that your good deed doesn’t get punished, if not rewarded. There are attorneys who assist and represent bystanders in such cases, and they usually offer the first consultation for free. Talk to an attorney right away if you get a letter that notifies you of such a lawsuit. 


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