Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Clergy Abuse Attorney

There have been many cases of priest abuse among children and even adults. In fact, the Catholic church allows the disclosure of these perpetrators once they have been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If you check the Sacramento Diocese list of accused priests, you might realize that priest abuse cases are rampant. It is crucial to get the right lawyer if you are a victim of priest sexual abuse. Unfortunately, due to the trauma, bitterness, and pain that the victims and their families go through when such incidents happen, it is easy to make mistakes when hiring a clergy abuse lawyer. However, always know that the kind of lawyer you hire can make a very big difference in your case. Here are mistakes you should not make when choosing a priest abuse lawyer.

  • Not Considering Experience

You will come across different types of attorneys. Some of them work generally, while others work in specific areas. You will find lawyers who work on divorce, sexual abuse, real estate, accident, and others. Therefore, in a priest abuse case, it is important to hire a priest abuse attorney. This specialist has handled numerous cases related to priest abuse. Therefore, they know everything involved and what you require in the process. So, a lawyer specializing in sexual abuse cases is the most suitable for your case.

  • Not Doing Adequate Research

There might not be enough time to find the best lawyer. However, it is always essential to save some time to find the right one. Lawyers come in different levels of experience, and you need a little research to find the best. Therefore, go through various lawyer websites to know about their expertise. Researching gives you several options, and you can always go with the best.

  • Not Properly Questioning the Lawyer

Just because you have an experienced lawyer does not mean you should not ask them questions. It is wrong to assume things. Therefore, ask the professional about the years they have handled such cases, and how many cases have been successful. Ask them if they will be handling other cases when handling yours and how much they will charge you.

  • Not Discussing Payments and Fees

You will have to pay for the services of the lawyer. Therefore, before you settle for one, ask them how they charge the services. Some offer a flat fee, while other lawyers will charge you on an hourly basis. Before you sign the contract, understand this part. The lawyer must also let you know if there will be any additional fees. It may be advisable to avoid a lawyer who charges hourly since you may not be able to estimate the total cost.

  • Putting Cost as Priority

Many people put the price at the top of the list when hiring an attorney. If you want to get the best of the best, cost should not be on your priority list. Yes, it is understandable that you want to save money or don’t have all the money to get an expensive lawyer. However, if you are looking for the best and most qualified lawyer, you might have to dig into your pockets a bit deeper.

Final Thoughts!

These are costly mistakes you should never make when hiring a lawyer for priest abuse. You need an experienced and competent person by your side. Therefore, don’t make these mistakes to get the most suitable lawyer.

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