What Damages Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help You to Recover?

The amount of damage that victims of a truck accident can collect depends on the extent of injuries sustained and the circumstances of the case. Motor vehicle collisions may occur due to human error, and individuals involved in truck accidents may consider hiring an attorney to get assistance in pursuing just compensation.

Below is a list of damages that victims of truck accidents can claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Lost Wages

Victims who rely solely on proceeds from the job may be unable to support their families when they get injured in a truck accident. Minor injuries and long-term absence cost hundreds of dollars in lost income. A seasoned attorney will guide the victims in the process of requesting the lost wages when the accident leads to missed time at work. Stay-at-home victims are also entitled to compensation. The attorney compiles the cost paid to someone to pursue the tasks that the victim used to do while at home, including cooking, cleaning, and yard work.

If the victims cannot return to work, they are eligible for future wages. The insurance adjuster may consider the following when calculating the cost.

  • Your income
  • Your age
  • Costs for retraining
  • Experience and transferable skills

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering sustained due to a truck accident may be variable, and several factors determine the monetary value of such claims. A personal injury lawyer looks at the type of pain, how long the pain persists, the intensity of pain, and the expectation of recovery.

Pain and suffering interfere with the day-to-day life of victims in various ways. Expected costs for pain and suffering are listed below.

Medical Bills

It includes the cost of doctor visits, prescription medication, physical therapy, and medical services. Such injuries vary in severity as truck accidents cause debilitating and life-altering injuries which have long-term effects on the victims.

Medical expenses include treatment and appointment costs, prescriptions, and special equipment. Copies of documentation and evidence throughout the process are crucial to recovering the charges entirely.

Wrongful Death

Some severe truck accidents lead to death, and if the driver of the truck is at fault, the victim’s family may file a wrongful death claim against the liable party. Such claims help recover the total value of the deceased individual’s life from their perspective. Such claims are usually brought to court by the children or victim’s spouse. The compensated amount is generally divided equally among the family members, with a spouse receiving an amount that is usually one-third of the overall compensation.

Loss Of Enjoyment

We all have those things that make us happy and help us get through our days. The occurrence of a severe accident that leads to severe injuries may prevent victims from pursuing those things they love, and they deserve just and fair compensation. Pain will interfere with the ability of victims to enjoy various tasks with ease. For instance, a neck injury may make reading impossible, whereas a back injury may prevent a person from going for a run. A truck accident lawyer helps victims prove the loss by illustrating its effects on their lives.

Loss Of Consortium

Truck accidents may make an individual unable to provide and support the family with the necessary care due to emotional trauma sustained due to injuries. Loss of consortium deals with the loss of a relationship and emotional loss due to a severe injury or death.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is the only way a victim can recover damages from the negligent party. A truck accident lawyer helps victims collect the required evidence and secure the appropriate settlement.

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