Want to Hire a Car Accident Attorney? Look for These Qualities 

Millions of car accident injuries are reported every year, so it is important to have the right legal protection. Accidents that may injure you can eat up a significant part of your savings, if not all, without the protection of a skilled car accident attorney from Oaks Law Firm. Hiring the right attorney will help you save money and time, regardless of the injury you suffered:

Legal Background

If you have not tried filing a car accident-related injury claim before, you may not have an idea of how the claim or lawsuit process works. A reliable attorney has legal experience to help you navigate the process. Your attorney can ensure you avoid mistakes like not filing your claim on time, saving you stress. Also, they can properly evaluate your case to determine if it is viable enough to help you seek the right amount of compensation you should receive. 

Healthcare Connections

Your car accident claim will succeed if you have strong evidence and arguments. As a claimant, you need to prove that your accident and injuries resulted from the negligence of another party. To fulfill this burden of proof, a preponderance of evidence is required. Thus, you must get enough evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence. However, finding the right medical professionals to help you collect evidence can be costly and time-consuming if you do it yourself. 

Thankfully, an experienced injury attorney has solid connections in the healthcare industry. They know who exactly to turn to when it comes to documenting your injuries and linking them to your accident. Also, because of their connections with doctors, they will ensure you receive the best medical care.

Legal Expertise

Often, you must negotiate with your insurer to get fair compensation when you file a car accident claim. The insurance company can evaluate the grounds on which you can bring a case and review your evidence and documentation. If the company accepts your claim, it will make a settlement offer. Then, you and your attorney can negotiate with the company for a fair amount. A great attorney is an expert negotiator. They won’t stop making counteroffers until you get what’s fair to you. And if your insurance is not enough to cover your medical costs and losses, your attorney can turn to the at-fault party’s insurance provider for compensation. Your attorney knows the common tactics that insurers use to try to devalue claims or deny them altogether. These tactics won’t work for an attorney with extensive experience and solid reputation. 

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